Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Add a property to user control

The .NET Framework has extensive support for programmers to create custom user controls. When you create a user control, also known as custom control, you can add a custom property to the property page that allow the user to modify the properties you created. Let's take a look at how to achieve this goal step-by-step:

Known issues
Assume that we create a winform project and a user control which contains a button only. This user control is called "MyUserButton.cs". We want to add a custom property called "TreeView" that should appear on the "Properties" panel.

1. In the Solution Explorer panel, right click on your user control "MyUserButton.cs" file and select "View Code".

2. In the class "MyUserButton.cs", create a private variable "treeView" with type "TreeView".

private TreeView treeView;

3. Then type the following code beneath the variable declarations from last step:

public TreeView MyTreeView
get { return treeView; }
set { treeView = value; }

4. Save the file and add the "MyUserButton" control to the main window. On the Properties grid panel we can find a property named "TreeView" that is what we just created.


There are some more advance features about adding a property to the user control. Here is just a simple example that giving you a brief idea on it. For more information, the article "How To Add a Custom Font Property to a User Control" is also useful.


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